20 New Makeup Tricks that all Older Women Should Know

Women all over the world love looking fabulous and beautiful. One thing you can find amongst a plethora of women is the necessity to be young irrespective of the age. It is no surprise that the cosmetics industry is a billion-dollar industry. Makeup is so ingrained in our culture and daily lives that if you should take a poll for makeup vs no makeup, the former will win in a landslide.


But there comes a time when even the most beautiful lose their charm to old age. You start to lose some of your shine when you get to a certain age. However, with the advent of makeup and fantastic makeup tutorials, you can still look young again. Say goodbye to that old makeup, and welcome the new. These easy makeup tricks will help you look good even if you are over 50. Let’s check them out.

Start with your eyes

Use your eyeliner and brush to put your eyes...

Most women have been taught to start their makeup with foundation and powder. However, while this is a great way to start when you are young, it doesn’t do you so much good when you are older. Starting with foundation and powder puts you at more risk to show your wrinkles and fine lines.

The best way to go about it is to start with your eyes. Use your eyeliner and brush to put your eyes on the perfect shape before applying any other facial makeup.

Make adjustments to your eyeliner style

eyeliner style

As you grow older, it is advisable to make subtle changes to your eyeliner style. The truth is that what worked for you when you were in your 20s might not work for you in your 50s. At 50, your eyelids have wrinkles, which makes it a bit challenging to draw those fine lines across. You can try dotting a pencil on the upper lash line and then spread with a pencil sponge.


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