Bronze & Blush Face Lift Technique for Older Women To Look much Younger 2019

Bronze & Blush Face Lift Technique

This technique frames your eyes and perks your cheeks. Overall it gives the illusion of a more open and lifted look.


1. Using a flat topped face brush, apply your bronzer in a triangular shape under the cheekbone. Start at the outer edge of your face, by your hairline and ear.

2. Without redipping your bronzer brush, bronze the area on your forehead, above your eyes, into your hairline.

3. Using a round top or dome topped face brush, apply your blush just higher than your bronzer and blend into your bronzer. Begin blush at the top of your cheek, closest to your hairline. Do not start at your apple area. That area will have less color than the outside to of your cheek.

“Bronzer and blush applied properly are like a good underwire bra – they lift you right up!”

Do You Need Bronzer or Blush?

One beauty trick I love is how bronzer highlights your eyes and gives you a little lift. Bronzer, when applied under your cheekbone area and applied in an opposing angle by your hairline, highlights your eyes and gives your cheeks a lift.

Bronzer can also add dimension to your face. This technique is known as contouring. It’s a technique that can be useful for creating a lift. I say it does for our cheeks what a good underwire bra does for our “girls”. Bronzers and blush create definition to the face. The goal here is to create shadows to highlight your best parts, hello cheekbones, and downplay an older chin or turkey neck. Applied along the jawline, on the temples and under the chin, bronzer can give your face a more angled, leaner look.

Choose Bronzer and a Blush

Most everyone feels slimmer, sexier, and prettier with a tan. A bronzer can also have that effect on you, adding color to an otherwise sallow face. Too many women use blush incorrectly or not at all. A pop of blush on the apples of your cheeks can brighten a dull complexion. But the trick is to blend it well so it’s not obvious you’re wearing blush. I see too many women who look as if they’ve painted the blush on their faces in the dark, which brings me to my next tip.

In my book, Making Faces Beautiful, I spent a great deal of time drawing the angles on top of the faces of the models. I did this so you could see the angles that I was going to apply to each woman’s face in order to accentuate or further enhance her features. You can check out that book, if you want to get the full demonstration. But for this group of women, I’m going to focus on how to highlight each woman’s eyes. I do that first with either my Reverse Nude Eye Shadow Technique and my Side “V” Shadow Technique.

Under the eye, lies the cheeks and cheekbone. Over the eye is the forehead and the hairline. When bronzer and blush are applied using my Bronze & Blush Face Lift Technique, it’s as if you’ve gotten a real lift.

“Bronzer and blush should lift and separate. Hmm… I wonder where I heard that?”

Are Highlighters Helpful?

After all of this conversation on choosing the darker of your skin tones, bronzed skin makes your look leaner and younger. Why would anyone want to use a highlighter, which makes them look lighter? It’s just another one of those beauty tricks that when used properly, the lightness with a touch of sheen, next to the darker, more matte skin gives a more refreshed, lifted, and awake appearance. I like to use the pads of my fingers and swipe the highlighter over the darker areas of the face: at the tops of the cheeks, under the outsides of the eyes, by corners of the mouth, and by the sides of the nose.

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