Cleopatra Beauty Tips for older women To Look much Younger

A Bit of Anti-Aging History



Anti-aging medicine is also known as the Life extension science, biomedical gerontology, experimental gerontology and indefinite life extension. This is the study of reversing or slowing down the aging process and extending both averages to maximum lifespan. People who study this kind of science are called immortalists, longevists and life extensionists. They think that whoever wishes to live longer might consider tissue rejuvenation, molecular repair, organ replacement and stem cells. Anti-aging medicine focuses on the face and the skin, nutritional foods, healthy life styles and physical activities.

Almost all people would like to look young and live longer, but do not know how to achieve this. Scientists study a lot of cosmetics and medicine, as well as conduct various experiments, in search of achieving maximum level of effectiveness.

Nowadays, even pressed powder has some anti-aging effect ingredients. A woman, even before this 21st century, has an issue of defying her age with the beauty and youth of her face. The beauty of a woman from ancient times to recent time did not change.

So, how do you think do women before this century maintain their beauty over the years without innovative technology and studies? A very influential woman named Cleopatra is considered as one of the most beautiful woman of all times. Her skin was soft as silk and her beauty never failed.

Cleopatra is the beauty of mythology. She was so charismatic that to this date, 2,050 years later, we still are fascinated with her beauty tips. Cleopatra was seductive and womanly on all points. Cleopatra is of Greek origin, and she is well-known for her good-looking perfect skin.

She was the most important icon of her period and almost had all men wrapped around her fingers. Let us see how she did this. Here now are some of her undying beauty tips that we can still prepare in her memory.

Cleopatra Beauty Tips


Cleopatra used honey due to its antibacterial components. Honey is helpful for cleansing, exfoliating and clearing out of the skin of acne. Honey is an excellent moisturizer as well.


She was in fact a huge lover of fragrances. Ahead of meeting Mark Antony, she would send two boats in front of her carrying the scent of her signature aroma. Her reason for doing this is captivate Mark Anthony’s attention even prior to her meeting with him. It is speculated that she would chose the floral scents of jasmine and roses.

Face Wash

The everlasting beauty tips of Cleopatra consist of a home-produced face wash. She rinsed her face several times a day with chalk or lime and oil.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Aside from her love for her ritual of washing her face by means of chalk and oil, she adds an apple cider vinegar face soak from time to time.

The Skin Care Products

Cleopatra had an expensive and extravagant maintenance beauty regimen. She uses all natural skin care like antimony, goose fat, ginger, turpentine and onions.

Sea Salt

To efficiently exfoliate her skin, Cleopatra used sea salt. You can create a home-based scrub based on Cleopatra’s ageless beauty tips by mixing olive oil with sea salt and making a paste. This can exfoliate your skin and moisturize it at the same time. Exfoliating will expose the healthy, new skin below the layer of the deceased skin cells on your skin and face.

Rose Water

This appetizing, elusive smelling water was used by Cleopatra to help decrease the look of acne scars. This means that she had acne, like you and me, yet was great in treating it!

Olive Oil

To soften and improve her hair, Cleopatra used olive oil.


To paint her fingernails, Cleopatra used henna. Her attendants would make a reddish-brown paint from henna. Cleopatra also used henna to colour her hair. She would include juniper berries combined with other plants with henna to provide her hair a custom shade.

Hair Removal Cream

Though this tip is a bit out of use, she made her own home-produced hair removal cream by an assimilation of peculiar ingredients together. The recipe consisted of oil, cucumber, sycamore juice and the boiled trampled bones of a precise bird.

Celery and Hemp

For her gentle eyes, she mixed hemp and celery together. She used this blend with magnificent results to maintain her eyes looking healthy.

Antimony Sulphide

And at last, her signature appearance of dark eyelashes and gorgeous dark makeup in the region of the eyes was made by using the dark substance antimony sulphide. But the ultimate secret of Cleopatra is her anti-aging homemade moisturizer which is a mixture of honey and milk.

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