Glossary of commonly used words in the cosmetic makeup business


Some women are blessed with a naturally rosy healthy-looking skin, especially in their youth. But for those of us with facial skin that appears dull and pale at times, then Blush can add a “warm glow “and even illuminate your skin tone.



This product is a marvel in your makeup tool kit used for hiding everything your foundation makeup doesn’t. It’s important to find a concealer that’s as close to your skin tone as possible so don’t use one that is too dark or too light. Unwanted facial flaws like age spots, skin discolorations and more will magically disappear!


A contouring is used to create a contrast against the lighter shades of makeup used in various areas of the face for example the eyes. It will be the third and last of 3 layering techniques used to beautify your eyes. It is usually a darker shade that in effect, “pushes away” from the highlighted eyes to provide more depth and definition.


An eyeliner is often unnecessary but can help characterize the eyes when need.Eye Shadow This can be used to enhance and add shape to the eyes. Eye shadow can be used to accentuate texture in an extreme fashion, or to simply add a more gentle color wash when applied lightly.


Foundation make up does primarily two things. First it helps to even out your natural skin tone color. Secondly it helps to provide a proper medium for the other makeups you layer on so they will stay on better. This product comes in a variety of texture finishes designed to suit your own personal natural skin condition. So for example, if your skin is blemished and oily than matte will work best for you. On the other hand satin or dewy will suit you better if your skin is dry. On the other hand, you may not need foundation at all if your skin is naturally radiant, in which case you could alternately just use a light dusting of powder.


Frosting in cosmetic makeup is a loose term that mostly refers to a technique that creates an iridescent or sparkly look. Works better on younger skin and is used for all kinds of masquerade fashion type appearances, or a just plain fun and sexy sparkly look.


Gloss makeup is simply an accentuated version of lipstick. That is, it will add more of a gleam to your lips. The only downside is that it doesn’t last as long as conventional lipstick.


Use highlighter to create a “dewey” and youthful complexion. Highlighter makeup should give your skin a slight sheen. That is, you aren’t using it for sparking or shiny affects, but rather an appearance that makes you look like you have moisturized your skin. Of the three steps in the color-layering technique for the eyes, highlighting is usually the first step. Think of highlighting as drawing attention to a specific area of your facial skin.

Lip Color

Lip color is simply lipstick choices that you can use to add a gloss or fullness to the appearance of your lips. It’s a convenient way to instantly set the mood of your look be it with color accentuation or merely a lip balm for healing and giving you a natural look.


Besides being hard to spell,this is often used as a complexion enhancer and can be applied to your cheeks and/or your eyelids. It’s basically a foundation product containing light reflective properties that can suppress the wrinkles and lines to give you a more youthful appearance.


Mascara is most often used for enhancing the eyes by lengthening, darkening, thickening, or adding definition to eyelashes. If you could only have one makeup product it is widely believed that Mascara would be the one. You’re going to want to apply a color relative to your natural eye color for best results.


This is used to diminish too much shine or oily appearance, and can help your skin to feel smooth to the touch and even be a solution to complexion problems. Matte can be a foundation, lipstick, powder, and even blush products.


Here is a finish on eye shadows, eye pencils, and lipsticks that look awesome on dark skins, but isn’t a good look on light or mature skin because of the outcome will be clashing and coarse.


This is an eye color you would if you want to tone down another area of your makeup that is bold. So for example if you use red lipstick, you might want to add a mid-tone matte to the crease of the eye. The mid-tone is he 2nd step in the three color layering technique for your eyes and as such, should be a natural extension of your skin texture.


This refers to the capability of your skin to hold moisture. So if needed, a moisturizer can level the porosity of your skin and help the foundation to go on more effortlessly.


For a smooth finish and keeping the shine under control, use makeup powder when you are setting up the foundation. The compact powder you choose should match the color of the foundation cream, and slightly lighter for a pale look.


A satin finish is usually thought of as a foundation formula that results in an appearance somewhere in the middle between shiny and flat or matte. Though satin is not shiny, it does have a soft sheen to it and works well for mature skin.


Think of sheer as a transparent finish. Sheer is relatively new to the cosmetic world and has become very popular because of its ability to produce a flawless, bright and fresh look. It can even prevent skin clogging while hiding blemishes and not looking chalky like powders sometimes do.


This is actually a technique used with a sponge, stippling brush, or even your fingers. This process is an effective way of applying one makeup product on top of another and blending it in without disrupting the lower layer.


Textures are the resulting appearances makeup products can create for your facial skin. So for example, glossy, sheer, or matte are texture possibilities you can get from lipstick. Dewy, sheer, or satin textures can describe a foundation makeup.

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