how to Bring positive energy into your life ?

The Fifth Essential Element for Living Beautifully

It’s About How You Feel…

We’ve talked about the 4 E’s. And, they are all important to helping us achieve our most youthful look. It’s important to exfoliate, eat right, exercise often and to know how to emphasize the beauty of your eyes. But, I feel that the most important part of enhancing your youth is your energy. Beauty starts on the inside. Positive energy is absolutely going to keep you young and radiant.


So what do I mean by energy? I like to think of energy as anything that invokes a reaction inside you. It’s anything that makes you feel, makes you think, dream, or react and others can feel this energy too. Think about how you feel after you’ve watched a great movie, or entranced by a book, or smile every time you hear your favorite songs.

Having positive energy is absolutely essential to your youthful appearance. I wish it were simple to just feel good every day and look amazing. But, life usually gets in the way of feeling that positive energy everyday. How could it not? Life always throws us curveballs. Things go wrong, life is challenging. Whether you are managing career issues, conflicts at work, children who need you or don’t need you, aging parental concerns, illness, and death, the list of complex experiences that challenge you in your lifetimes is endless. So how during all of these are you supposed to have this so-called positive energy so you can “look” good? I subscribe to two old quotes that form my mantra.

“Choose to smile when you’re having a bad day.”

Fake It Until You Make It

This is the mindset I adopt on the days when I just feel “blah”. You know these days. The days when emotionally we just feel beaten, but the march must go on. It’s on those days, I drag myself out of bed, get to the gym 15 minutes earlier to sweat just a bit more and spend an extra 15 minutes getting ready. I take the extra 15 to more carefully apply my makeup, to blow out my hair better and to choose a cuter outfit. Why take more time on these ‘Oh my God I just feel like crap’ days? Because, if I can increase my endorphins and enhance my look, then I might just actually feel better later in the day. Or, maybe someone will see me and give me that much-needed compliment on my down day. You know, I just fake it until I actually make it.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

Or, as my friend Marla says, make vodka and lemonade. I’m a pro at making lemonade – lemon chicken, lemon tarts, and lemon martinis. We all have a story. I mean really? I’ve certainly had my share – failed marriages, economic recessions, mean girl episodes, just to name a few. What I’ve really learned and I want to share with you is how I fill my emotional cabinets with healthy ingredients to keep me filled with positive energy.

Take music, for example. How does your favorite song make you feel? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, dig into your iTunes or scroll through your Pandora playlist right now and put on a song you love. Take a break from reading this, close your eyes for a moment, and recognize what you’re feeling. Music is one of the most powerful and recognizable forms of energy. For me music is an easy way to shift your energy quickly. I can’t work with bad music and I can’t work in quiet. When I’m creating a makeup look for a client, I need pop music. I have a very wide collection of music across many genres, but makeup music has to pop.

Positive energy is contagious. You can catch this from others and they can feel it in you. That’s why you look good when your energy is good. How can you obtain energy in a positive way? I’ll share with you my secrets to keeping positive energy flowing.

My favorite energy comes from laughter. Did you know that laughter keeps you young? Its true. And, it’s no secret. Researchers have proven that laughter improves blood circulation — to the head and to the heart. Laughing is good for you. A good laugh every day improves your mood, improves your physical health and improves your emotional health. Laugh therapy has even been proven to help cure cancer and chronic illness.

Laughing heartily and uncontrollably provides a physical release. Stress hormone levels are reduced and levels of healthy hormones are increased. Your body’s immune system improves with the release of endorphins, those natural ‘feelgood’ chemicals. It’s hard to feel anxious or sad when you are having a good laugh. Muscles are exercised including the diaphragm, the abdomen muscles and the shoulders. Blood circulation is increased for all major body organs including the brain. Laughter even provides some exercise for the heart. And, the increased blood circulation stimulates your facial muscles, so you’ll look better too.

Laughter is distracting from life’s daily problems and worries. When laughter endorphins reach your brain, stress levels are automatically reduced. You relax and as you relax you recharge. You start to feel good and your mind clears.

“Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

My favorite way to create laughter is a watch a favorite funny movie. Everyone who knows me knows that I love movies and love to laugh. Some say my laugh is infectious. I certainly hope so. Here is a short version of my classic go-to laugh movies: Bridget Jones Diary, Legally Blonde, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, White Chicks, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Billy Madison, There’s Something About Mary, M*A*S*H, The Blues Brothers, My Cousin Vinny, Blazing Saddles, The Jerk and my list continues.

If movies aren’t your thing, then find some other ways to create laughter. It truly is good for your mind, your soul and your youth. Laughter fits in perfectly with my “fake it till you make it” mantra. That means just start laughing. Go to a comedy show, hang out with funny people, laugh at yourself, do something silly, be spontaneous, laugh at life’s frustrations, laugh at your parents, your children, your ex, your pets. In fact, if you have children or pets, you might find that spending more time with them creates an environment that allows you to unwind and laugh more. Kids and pets are not filled with adult anxieties and they are naturally sillier and find humor in life that most adults are just too busy to notice.

I can’t tell you exactly how to have good energy, but you can tell yourself. You already know all of the things that you like and the experiences that make you feel good. Maybe its best for you to make a list of your special experiences and use it as a guide as you learn to become energized from a wider variety of things. These are my two lists to positive energy. First is my what do list and the second is my think about list.

“What you desire is deliberately placed out of reach so that you can become the person it takes to obtain it.”

“A few nice words can brighten a person’s day far more than you realize.”

What I do to bring positive energy into my life:

• Listen to music
• Exercise with my favorite trainer
• Do yoga
• Cook a big family dinner
• Go dancing
• Read with my book club
• Go into in the sunshine for 10 minutes
• Go to a gourmet food market
• Solve other people’s problems
• Spend time with family and friends
• Stay busy
• Stay away from negative people
• Say thank you every day for my loved ones and all of our good health
• Be generous and share my love

What I think about to bring positive energy into my life:

• Remind myself of my wonderful qualities
• Appreciate this moment
• Forgive myself from all the things that I didn’t do “right”
• Be grateful for my good health
• Recognize and appreciate the good health of my loved ones
• Focus on circulating positive ideas
• Visualize positive ideals
• Recall other people’s reaction to my positive energy
• Think about what I want to feel in life
• Reflect back to those feel good experiences
• Focus on the things in life that make me feel good
• Believe in happy endings
• See my dreams fulfilled


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