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The Eyes Have It !

If you were stranded on an island and could have makeup and brushes for only one area of your face what would you choose? If I were to put this question to an audience of women I’m pretty sure the eyes would win hands down. So let’s learn how to use your brushes to fashion enviable eyes that stand out with flawless perfection.


Eye Shadow

Eye shadow comes in four basic finishes.

1. Matte

I like this when I’ want a more natural “no-makeup” look because of the mid-tone shades.

2. Shimmer

These work great for a faint sheen and sparkle that tends to cover up fine lines. Their sheer coverage allows the skin to show through naturally.

3. Frost

I use these when l just want a fun look with silver sparkle with an opaque coverage. This usually works best on younger skin as the frost shadows tend to sink into wrinkles.


This is my go to shadow choice when I want a shadow somewhere in between matte and shimmer. I find that it works well for pretty much all skin types young and mature.

Choosing a color of eyeshadow that compliments your skin tone can be a little tricky. I find that when in doubt, a tone in the brown/gold color family works pretty much for all skin tones any time of the year.

You can apply powder, crème, or liquid textured eye shadow with your smaller brushes. I like to use either the brush that the woman in the picture below is using (either of the 2 dome brushes), or the arrow head shaped brush bellow (which is actually a sponge material rather than synthetic hair). This brush works particularly well for getting into the crease areas.

*Tip: To keep your eye shadow from turning into a greasy smear, apply an eye base (a primer) to your eyelid before brushing in the eye shadow.


I’m going to go over application of eyeliner with the 3 formulas I use with brushes.


I use this with your fine-tipped pencil brush. It comes in various colors and tends to last the longest and can give a very climactic appearance.


I’ll apply this powder-like product with a dampened brush. It is similar to the effect you get with liquid.


I like this because it dries faster than the other two types while still giving the effect that a liquid does.

As I indicated before, I tend to use the fine-tipped pencil but occasionally will get the diagonal brush when I want to make the lashes fuller and thicker by getting right down to the base of the lashes. The wider pencil brush also comes in handy for eyeliner application at times.

Here’s an example of using the diagonal brush to put on eyeliner.


My brush choices for touching up the eyebrows are the same whether I’m using powder, crème, or Brow gel formulas.

I think that the powder provides the most natural look for the brows. Sometimes I’ll use it to set a crème when I want a more dramatic look. The Brow gel comes in handy for “disorderly” eyebrow hair.

In this picture the woman is using a diagonal brush, but you can use any of the brushes in your kit shown below, depending on the thickness of your brow and the overall effect you’re looking for.

The diagonal, thick eyeliner, ½ inch medium size brush, or larger pencil brushes can all be used depending on the result you’re looking for.

Diagonal Brush

Thick Tipped Eyeliner Brush

More Ways to Use Your Brushes to Get Eyes That Pop!

The 2 Dome brushes in my set can be used for packing eye shadow onto your eyelid. They are some-what flat in order to press the eye shadow directly over the primer you already put on. The brush is also able to pick up a lot of color. Picking up and applying more color will give you a darker look while less color is better for feathering and a softer look.

Below are the 2 Dome brushes as well as the arrow head brush on the right which can also be used for its ability to access tiny crease areas.

The smaller Dome Brush is ideal for that Smokey eye look because you can feather in the eye shadow along the outside area of your eyelid.

The larger of the Dome brushes can be used for applying shadow onto your brow bone (the area just beneath your eyebrow) for a light airy finish because it works so well for blending. It also comes in handy for applying loose powder just under the eyes to hide the crease and get rid of that tired-eyes look you might have.

The Pencil Brushes can be used to smudge eye shadow onto the lower lash line. You can also use it to define the “outside V” area of your eyelid.

Large Pencil Brush


Of course most mascara kits come with their own applicator brush. The comb side of the combination comb/brush below is ideal for cleaning excess mascara from your eyelashes.The brush side can be used for things like brushing out excess powder in your eyebrows.  I use mascara for three kinds of applications:

1.Thickening mascara

you want full and expansive looking eyelashes

2.Lengthening mascara

This contains agents that cling to the tips or lashes to give the illusion of being longer

3.Defining mascara

this will give the most natural looking lashes as it tends to keep them separated and well defined

*Tip: Some women like to use waterproof mascara for staying power in hot weather but it is difficult to remove. One way to make this easier is to simply apply a thin coating of regular mascara before the waterproof formula so it sticks to that instead of your lashes.

Applying Your Blush

Blush Application

Applying a blush is pretty straight forward, and yet so effective in giving your face a fresh glowing appearance. The Angled Blush brush in my 12-Piece set works perfect in applying powdered blush to the apples of your cheeks. The soft hairs make it easier to get a natural finish because they won’t pick up too much color. The angle of the brush makes it easy for blending back towards the temple of your face.

As discussed before, when applying a blush crème, I will first use a moist sponge application then use the brush for the finishing touches.

Blush Brush

*Tip: For a youthful appearance, I will apply makeup with the blush brush using horizontal strokes rather than downward. I’ll start at the hairline between cheekbones and ear, and brush towards the center of the face. This leaves the coloring darkest at the outer edges and faded lighter toward the middle of your face.


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