Tips on Lips Makeup for Women Over 50 to Make Them Look Ravishing

What to Do in a Beauty Rush?

When you find yourself in a beauty rush with only minutes to apply makeup, I recommend applying any two of these:

• Tinted moisturizer/foundation
• Mascara
• Blush
• Lipstick
• Eyebrows


Pick two and that’s all you really need to look flawless.

“Lips are made for kissing, so make them gorgeous!”

Young Youthful LIPS

I despise those vertical lines above my mouth! They call them smoker’s lines! Not fair. I don’t even smoke. They look just awful and nothing makes you look older, faster. I hear so much about lip fillers like Juvederm® and Restylane®. There are lots of women who do fillers in the lip area and look great. But I’m afraid that I‘ll look all puffy mouthed and “fish-faced”. I tend to remember the ones that are over exaggerated and fear that’s how they will come out on me. Also, once you start with lip filler, it’s addicting. If you stop, the lines may look a lot worse. So, is there another answer to aging, thinning lips and those wrinkled lines that form around our mouths?

The first tip in helping the lips look full is exfoliation. As we age, our lips lose their natural oils and their plumpness. To maintain your full plump factor and keep lips looking smooth, make sure to keep your lips exfoliated all year round. I could give you a list of homemade remedies of lip scrubs or products on the market, but the truth is we all hate to have to take even one more step in our routine, so I’ll make it easy for you. All it takes is brushing your lips with your toothbrush. Every time you brush your teeth, brush your lips too. And then add a touch of lip balm, your lip-gloss, or a hydrating lipstick.

Go Lipstick Shopping

Lipstick shopping is just like shopping for a pair of eyeglasses. You have to try lots on and pare it down to just a few. Don’t go lipstick shopping without any makeup on. Put on your normal face, or if a nighttime lip is what you’re looking for, try lip colors with your night makeup. I’m not a big fan of the color doctrine predetermining the colors that are right for which skin tones. I feel like those rules that say blondes should always do this or light skin women are often too limiting. You should experiment with colors.

Do You Dare Wear Bright and Bold Lips?

Bright lipstick is especially stunning on women who wear glasses. The bold lip balances out the heaviness of the frames. Just remember to balance your eye makeup and blush if you are going bold on your lips. Many of us want to have a full youthful pout. While lighter shades tend to make lips look bigger and poutier than darker shades, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear darker shades. A too-pale shade can make you look as if you are wearing no lipstick at all. If this is what you’re going after, great, but most of us want a little pop of color. If you have thin lips, keep in mind that super dark colors may make your lips look like they have disappeared into your mouth leaving two thin lines. There are many bright, bold lip colors that can be flattering.

“Try something new. Show me a person who has never made a mistake and I’ll show you a person who has never lived.”

Lip Liner Makes Fuller Lips

Here’s how not to wear lip liner – Never draw an exact dark line around the edge of your lips and just leave the obvious dark line there. To make your lips appear larger with liner, start by applying your lipstick, with a brush to your natural lip line. The trick is after the lipstick is applied, then using a similar shade of liner, draw the lip liner just outside your natural lip line, which you can easily see with the lip color applied, right above the bow of your top lip and just outside the fattest part of your lower lip. Don’t line the corners on the outside of the natural line. Fill in the rest of the lips with the lipstick and top with a touch of gloss on the pouty part of the bottom lip. By the way, if you fill your entire lip first with a lip liner it will double as a lip stain and give you longer-lasting color. Of course, you can always apply a long-lasting lipstick or stain on top.


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