Tips on Style for Women Over 50 To Look much Younger 2019

Does Your Style Accentuate Your Eyes?

What does your style say about you? I want my style to say I’m happy, confident, healthy, and did you notice my big green eyes? Your style is the picture that people see first. You’re spending all of this time making your skin glow and focusing on make up techniques, which is all very important. But I want you to give an extra thought to hairstyling and what clothing you wear.


I think that women, especially women who are 50+ should choose clothes that are comfortable, but stylish. That doesn’t mean dressing like a teenager. I think many women in America are so hung up on comfort that they walk around in sweat clothes all day. Unless you are running errands from yoga class, in Lululemon – which makes everyone’s butt look great, don’t do it. You can have so much fun with fashion. You just need to find the formula that fits your body shape, your age, and lifestyle.

And, don’t get stuck on numbers. Bodies change and every clothing manufacturer sizes differently. Many women shop by size only and get stuck on the idea that if they are an 8 in one company that they’re always an 8, even when they might be a 10 or a 12 in another manufacturer. Buy clothes that fit, not the number you want to be and your clothes will look so much better.

Be fashionable, not trendy. Not every look works for every person. I prefer classic looks and classic colors. My wardrobe includes lots of basic pieces in a few neutral colors. Basic and classic pieces can still be edgy. Just keep it well-tailored or have a unique trim to a classic piece. Be basic, but not boring. Buy some timeless garments, such as sleek black pants or button up white shirts that you can mix and match for a classic look. I choose slender pants, longer sweaters, and always love dresses. When I choose an outfit, I always start with the shoe that I want to wear. Your wardrobe needs an assortment of comfortable, stylish flats and boots, as well as wearable, stylish heels and boots. When you have happy feet, the rest is easy.

“It’s not about what size you wear, it’s how you wear your size.”

Now that your wardrobe is classic and stylish, you can embellish with your hair, makeup, and accessories. That’s right, your hair and makeup are accessories too. An up to date hairstyle can take years off of you. The right hairstyle and hair color can take years off of you. Talk to your hairstylist, talk to a new stylist, do your research, but if you’re’ wearing the same cut and color that you were wearing a decade ago, there’s a good chance your look is expired.

Accessorize to spice up your classic clothing. As a mature dresser, stock your wardrobe with attention-getting pieces. Purchase a few scarves, interesting earrings, an arm of bangles, a few fabulous necklaces, a coordinating belt, and you always need great handbags and stunning shoes. With the addition of these accessories, you can give every outfit style. And, here’s a secret that took us 50+ years to learn: You’re more comfortable in your skin than you’ve ever been, so wear it with style.

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